ATS Customer Feedback

The following is actual customer feedback from those who recently purchased ATS Lighting systems and/or have sought assistance from me to help them out after purchasing sequential systems from other sources (like off eBay).

Just e-mailing you back to let you know that I did recieve the kit, and I have already installed it. The directions were easy to follow and read. The pictures helped too. I have absolutely no complaints thank you!

~Chris Corner


Hi marvin!
Just wanted to let you know, i was really impressed w/your sequential lighting Kit. I purchased it @ the end of june and installed it shortly afterwards on My 01' mustang gt. The instructions were very thorough and easy to follow.
Anything that was real important was highlighted, thanks. After i finished Installing & adjusting the flasher, i had one more question,however, i reread The instructions and found the answer.(had to do w/ how many turns can you Turn the potentiometer).

I was also surprised how "complete" the kit was. Extra connectors(which i used) 3m Quality electrical tape,tywraps and the precision screwdriver. All nicely packaged.

The last thing i want to mention is that it took a while to find you.i had checked The ads of various car magazines-nothing. I e-mailed a local car club "south bay mustangs", they referred me to calif mustang. They wanted $260 plus a $85 core charge. Even though they're local i couldn't justify $345 just to make My lights flash sequentially. There are a few people advertising on e-bay, but That's really a gamble.

I found one other guy through an ad in the local mustang club(beach cities). He Seem honest & reasonable (appx $118.00) and i was ready to buy. Then i stumbled Across your web site. Your price was a little higher, but your flasher was Adjustable. He has one control module whereas you have two.

Bottom line: i'm extremely happy w/your product & glad i didn't get burnt from California mustang. Again thank you very much for a quality,thorough and complete Kit @ a fair price.

Jon lee


Subject:ATS sequential system for Mustang Order Received & Installed!
From: Micky Walka

Thanks for the very quick delivery! Received the kit yesterday, and installed it last night. My compliments on your attention to detail in the completeness of the kit, and the very simple, and easy to follow instructions. The reults of my 2 1/2 hours work exceeded my expectations!

Wish that I could say that about all after market items!
Thanks again,
Arthur Walka Jr.


Subject: ATS Lighting System(s) & 3496 Bulbs

Hey Marv'
Just wanted to let you know that installation went smoothly. The sequential effect looks great! Thanks for the detailed instructions, they did really help.



I received the lighting kit yesterday and installed it today. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. The instructions were very thorough (down to that pesky retainer clip that held the lights in) and the explanation of how it works was very interesting. I really like the idea behind the system and the features it has.

The system works flawlessly and I'm thrilled with the new look it gives my Mustang.

Thanks for a great system at a great price.
Scott Johnson


Marvin, received the system and installed it yesterday. Since I don't have much electrical experience with cars, I wanted to tell you that I didn't have any trouble installing the system by following your directions. Every step was precise and clear. Thank you for that....

Oliver Moore



Just wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased I was with your kit. Very well thought out and easy to install. I love the look on my Mustang. Much nicer than racer-boy tail lights. I learned about your kit on

Keith Coleman


It has arrived...thanks the kit looks great, looking forward to installing it, wont have time for a bit, the fires are burning out of control here. but will let you know....thanks again...

Kenneth Layman, CA.


I understand that accepting credit cards costs money. I have researched the tail lights a bit and found your business has an excellent "word of mouth" reputation. That is actually how I found it, from a forum in Stangnet. My ebay situation did not involve tail lights, it was a small purchase (a DVD). The seller had a favorable reputation when I made the purchase, then stopped sending any merchandise to anyone. I've run into deadbeats before as both a seller and a buyer before but always was
protected either through credit card or paypal. So I'm only out 10 bucks. Still. I like to believe most people are inherently honest and want to help each other out.

James Hiatt


Hello Marvin,

I received the kit on Friday. The installation was straight forward and I used the "electrical diagram" as my main guide. I was thankful I purchased the kit with the variable flasher for the stock cycled too fast. The calibrated 50fps was just perfect!

Many thanks for the quality product, instructions, and packaging.

Steven Meitin

Steve Lomaro in San Jose, CA. I installed the light controller with no issues. The instructions worked fine for my 2001 Mustang. Everything works and it looks real good. I will be mailing you the stock flasher for the credit.

Thanks again,
Steve L.


Hello Marv!
I just installed your ATS III system in my 96 Impala. Everything seemed very well-explained and descriptive. I am very happy with the results and will definitely recommend your system to anyone looking for one.

Anthony Luistro


>Hi Marvin,
> I've got one of your ATS kits on my 97 Mustang GT
>Convertible. I JUST Love it!

R.E. Karaffa II


Absolutely great, she (wife) was tickled pink. Installed them Saturday night.
Heck of a lot easier than the Impala system.

Hopefully you will get a few orders from the Northwest side of Atlanta in
the near future. I'm sure she will get stopped and asked about them
(Mustangs are a dime a dozen in my cruising area). And she knows how
respond: Yahoo, search "Mustang ATS".

doug wood



People are very quick to write and complain...but this letter is the opposite.

The kit for my Mustang arrived yesterday, and we put it in last night. Your directions are good, the kit is complete...a very nice job indeed.

I did find however, that I did not need to removed the rear interior panels completely. We just moved them out of the way enough to reach the nuts to remove the taillamps. Other than that, everything went smoothly.

Everyone that has seen them says they're awesome. Thanks again for the quick service and great product.

Matt Morris


I was a bonehead and purchased a sequential kit from another on-line company!!
Now I can't get any support with this problem. The kit gives instructions
on modifying the turn signal flasher, a thermal one. My 1999 Mustang GT
does not have a thermal unit as you know. How can I modify my unit, or will
you sell me a modified one from your kit. please let me know asap, as the
kit is installed and looks crappy with the stock flasher.

Bryan Hough


I purchased one of your ATS systems a couple of months ago for my 2002 Saleen
Mustang. I finally had the opportunity to install it on Monday. It works great!

Thanks for the nice system and your help!

Mark K. Atkins

Greetings Marvin,

I finally had a chance to install the ATS system on my 2001 Mustang (I ordered
it before Christmas), and it rocks! Everything I needed was in the kit. I had
always admired the sequential tailights on the 70-something T-Bird I had seen
as a kid, but for whatever reason they disappeared. I actually have tried to
think of a way to do it on my '88 Chevy Celebrity ever since I bought it new
(if you recall, it has 3 rectangular taillights in a row that would be PERFECT
for a sequential setup), but it never got out of my head and on to the drawing
board. I am an electrical engineer so I might have been able to dream something
up, but thanks to your kit I didn't have to!

Anyway, thanks again for the kit and the work I'm sure was required getting
it to work. Now if I can just convince my wife how cool it looks...

Jeff Lessila

Package received and already installed. The flash sequence is PERFECT!!!!
Thank you for your help.

Jon Rosman, Florida


I purchased a kit off of Ebay about a year ago, and I am not happy with the sequence of the lights. The first 2 light, almost simultaniously, then the third. So the effect is not really correct. Would I need to purchase an entire kit or will the flasher and additional light socket that I have now work? Thank you for your help/information.

Jon Rosman


I received and installed the sequential taillight system i ordered from you in the week prior to the sept 11th tragedy. We have become quite busy over here in Germany in the ensuing months, and I realized I never sent an email to express how pleased I am with the taillight system. The installation was pure simplicity and the final look is outstanding!!!

I have absolutely no complaints at all. Thanks again - you have a great

Jim Cheney


Finally had the time to install my ATS kit. WORKS GREAT!!! Your excellent directions were of great help. One happy customer here - Thanks! I hope to get around to sending the old flasher back to you soon for the rebate, until than - Happy Holidays.



Sequential Lights for '97 Mustang


I received you kit Friday and installed it that night! I love it! Thanks a lot. I remembered seeing sequential lights for the first time on a Mercury Cougar when I was a kid. Now I have them, too! I tried them out last night. I wonder how long it will take before someone else gets them. Thanks for making me the first! (At least, I think I am) Every Mustang is a reflection of the owner. I think I'll make a statement with my latest addition!

Orange Park, FL



What a great package! Easy to install, everything was included, and well thought out instructions.
Thanks for a great product.

Jim Hagstrom


Subject: Help with a sequential problem

Marv, I need your help!
I bought three sets of lights from this guy off of eBay. And the modules he
made kind of suck. I was wondering if I can buy just the dynamite sticks from
you? I heard that you kit is one of the best around. Since the three cars are
already wired up and new flashers and everything, all I need is new modules.
Do you have a pic of you module as well? The ones I got are this little
circuit board with this brown glue stuff covering everything. Not to



I got your ATS-III system installed on my Mustang and it looks great!
The parts were all high quality and the directions were easy to
I particularly appreciated the fact that you included a roll
of 3M electrical

Kass. W. Larson


I purchased an A.T.S. Sequential Kit for my 97 Cobra and I love it.
Thanks for the great product. I get questions all the time and I tell them
go to!

-Ross Baiza


Subject: ATS Lighting System(s)

Thank you for the Mustang taillights- they look great!

Brad Horner
Winfield, KS


I installed them last night and they work great! Another cool thing would be
if they had the sort of KnightRider effect. When you hit the brake or turn on
your turn signal it goes back and forth one light at a time.

David Gedvilas


Hello Marvin,

The taillight kit I ordered arrived today. Looks good, I like your kit's
layout and how it installs. Thanks for putting this product out there.

-Jim Petroski


I am the guy who came by Friday and got the kit. I figure that it took about
1 hour of total time to remove the lights install the kits, flasher, and re-
install the lights. They work great, as advertised!

Ed Zerbe


Marvin- I wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for the sequential
kit that I ordered from you, the quality is great and I just love my
directionals now - thanks again!

Michael Sawyer


Hi Marvin...........I also just wanted you to know that I feel your
product is great. It was even packed so professionally. I have now
started to spread the word about it on the internet, so hopefully you
will get a lot of orders soon. Thanks again so much......Art Carter



I just finished installing the ATS Lighting System on our 2001 Mustang GT
convertible. It is very cool and is a very unique addition to our car.
It took me about 2-1/2 hours including cleaning up and putting everything
away. It would have gone smoother had I not installed the new driver side
socket on the passenger side! Luckily I realized my mistake before I made
the final connection (thanks for including a couple of extra connectors).
Thanks for making a great product!

Ted Decker


Subject: ATS-3 The best!

Hello Marv,

I installed your ATS system on my 95 Impala a few years ago and it worked
flawlessly. I really liked it. Two weeks ago I lost my Impala to an
engine fire and was not able to recover the ATS system from it.

I was wondering if there was any way I might take advantage of a "second
buyers" or "pity" discount for my terrible mishap.

Please let me know. I'm a big fan!

Brian in Chicago -- Now driving a 96 BBB!


Mr. Marvin Davis:
Thank you so much for all your help and suggestions. My father and I
figured everything out tonight and they are working wonderfully. I am so
excited. I can't wait for everyone at school to see them. Thanks so much
again.. but I just wanted to let you know I got them running. It has been
great doing business.... I will be sure to recommend your ATS System to my
friends that have Mustangs.

Thanks again.
Allison Wagner


Subject: Easy install

Mr. Davis,
I was delighted to find my order on my front porch this afternoon.
Everything was of great quality and the installation instructions were
wonderful. I installed everything this afternoon in about an hour and a
half. Once I did the passenger side, the driver's side was a piece of
cake. I just wanted to tell you that I didn't exactly know what to expect,
but I'm very glad to have purchased the ATS system from you. It works just
great and looks even better. The best part of the order is actually the
instructions. I don't see how anybody could go wrong if they paid attention.
You've done a great job and sell a great product. I've only taken my car
out once since I wired the lights up, and I already noticed people behind
me pointing and looking. Since I traded my 1998 Mustang in on a new 2001,
four friends and one family member have also purchased new Mustangs. I
will definitely be encouraging them to order from you.

Once again, thank you, and even though I noticed you're a Chevy man,
you're supplying us Ford guys with a cool upgrade. (I used to drive
nothing but GM, but now I work for Ford, so I have to drive one!)

Jason Empson


Marvin Davis, Thank you!!! very impressed with ATS system, John Wutzer.
Thanks again Marvin, the system looks terrific, you modified my rear
taillights, and Art Modified my Super Sport Grille.

John Wutzer


Just wanted to let you know that I received my kit today and had it installed, and....IT IS AWESOME!!
I have a Mustang GT (03) and the taillights KICK BUTT!! I can't wait to get "looks" from envious Mustang owners! :) Thanks for making such a cool product, and for the quick shipping. I will be sure to refer all the jealous people to your site!!

Meredith Decker


Great kit just got it for my birthday from my wife. I have to say it was very easy to install and works great. It looks great on my 1998 mustang GT, oh and one more thing YOU ARE THE MAN....

Robert Casey

Mr. Davis,
Installed the plug-n-play harness sets yesterday in the wife's 04 Mach 1. What a breeze with your complete kit in this fashion. Time saved and ease of install was well worth it for me . Even put in new LL version bulbs on all 8 sockets. The custom harness kit ready to go as you present it is a true winner for people who want that level of ease . The adjustable under dash flasher install was also quick and straight forward.
The wife liked the speed right at the 50 setting out of the box , but having the future option is nice.

I think your instructions are simple and concise to follow for these ready to go versions.

Thanks again ,
Ken Pribulo