ATS Lighting Product Specifications

Theory of Operation

The ATS sequential turn signal system operates in a simple way. The inboard brake/turn signal bulbs are kept in stock operation and are not controlled in any way. The ATS lamp controller is powered when wired in parallel with the inboard bulb(s). When Brake, turn signal, or hazard flasher power comes back to turn on the inboard bulb(s), the controller is powered and then does a precision delay on the two outputs (#2 and #3) to fire these at approximately 200 ms delays. Once the lamps are turned on they will stay on as long as power is applied to rear lights. The delay or control is only on energizing the bulbs, once on they are left on.

The other "timing" control in the system is the turn signal control flasher. The one supplied in the kit has been modified to change its delay from 80-90 FPM (flashes per min.) to a 50% slower speed. This is to have a longer flasher time delay to have the last controlled bulb time to stay on to full illumination before cycling off to start the next turn signal flash sequence. See order options and item "L" below on additional precision fully adjustable flasher module.

ATS controller modules have built in safety shutdown in case of low (battery) supply voltage. This is to conserve save battery power if the car is left on hazard flashers for an extended period of time. When using up to 10 ea. #2057/3197 bulbs, you will be pulling up to 23-25A off of your battery and this is as much demand as leaving your headlights on with the engine off! If such a condition occurs, the controller will start to shut off the controlled lights to load shed and as soon as normal supply voltage is restored they will resume normal operations.


To test all rear brake and turn signal bulbs, simply start the engine to provide full power to the rear wiring harness and engage the emergency hazard flasher. Then walk around the car to check all your turn signals and brake lights!

Product Specifications!

[ 1. ] New standard factory lamp socket(s) are used, the same as you now have and is designed to be weatherproof.
[ 2. ] Lamp Control Modules are more than a 'few' electronic components quickly thrown together, here are a few features;


For technical people, the A.T.S. control module is a true "active" controller design as opposed to a "passive" component controlled switch.
Latest heavy duty high efficiency HD-VFET semiconductor switching technology is now utilized.

[ a.] precision time based accuracy
[ b.] temperature compensated (-30 to +80 deg C)
[ c.] supply voltage compensated (8-15 vdc)
[ d.] Low voltage cutoff , lamps will automatically turn off if battery power get low, as in the case of extended use of hazard/emergency flashers. 10+ bulbs puts a large current drain on any battery, especially the Delco 'stock' unit. ATS controller units utilize newest HD-VFET high density semiconductor technology for the highest possible switch efficiency!
[ e.] polarity protected in case of mistake during installation.
[ f. ] 800% overrated for use with ANY type rear bulb (including newer 50W SuperHigh power halogen.)
also now rated for multiple bulb service as in the case of custom trailer wiring harnesses! Module power rating is now 46A. This handles any automotive incandescent type bulb load. Aftermarket LED bulbs included.
[ g.] double sealed in a special patented urethane compound "brick" sealant for very high impact and moisture resistance (waterproof).

(Newest ATS System III features also includes)

[ h.] One year replacement warranty on electronic control modules provided no physical damage (car wreck, etc.) and the connectors/wires are not removed..
[ i. ] ON-demand sequential 'disable' feature for traffic backers and any other third party control systems, plus additional custom 'control' features are now possible including stock brakelight actions! (this is an order option see BOM add-on module for more information)
[ j.] 'retrofit' to stock kit, enables user to restore stock operation to vehicle in matter of 'seconds' once lamp assembly and tape are removed. No cutting/adding wires! Move A.T.S. system over to another car and 're-use' your investment. The A.T.S. system is not a 'permanent' installation. (this is an order option)

[ k. ] For automotive installation, these modules use industrial type FULLY INSULATED (expensive) tab connectors rated at 20A and keep pressure/tension in 'wide' temperature variance/differences. Only the highest quality components are used.

[ L. ] Systems are shipped with precision electronic replacement flasher modules. Depending on your personal taste in the way you wish to have the system look, you have a choice of ordering a fully adjustable flasher module with a wide range of speed settings (40-60 FPM). Look at order options that can be indicated on the order form.

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